How has OfferUp helped you?

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I appreciate that good advice from u.
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Absolutely... anytime! @misxsaturah
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There going to help me with a seller that says the weather between Southern California and Boise Idaho is too bad to get a package shipped.
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It has definitely helped me make use of old stuff I no longer needed & get xtra cash to buy new furniture. I love it
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We fell on tough times and through the app we were able to start over. Furnish our new home for free! People give away quality items for free.
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Welcome to the OU Community form @UhhLexxIzz!
What a blessing... so happy for you!

Yes, there are tons of nice items in the Free category. Have seen numerous like new items that users give away, especially on week-ends! Helps with moving 👍😊 less to lift!
Continued success
OU Neighbor!
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OfferUp has helped me many times when times got tough. This last week was a very hard time for me. Didn’t know what to think or do. I was lost in my own pain. Thanks to @REMEMBRANCE  and a few others I am doing better. I found that sometimes a kind word, voice of encouragement, a hang in there you’re be ok. Is worth more than anything I could sell or buy. Sometimes it’s about good people doing Great things. I was at a all time low. Didn’t know if I was going to make it back. Thank you @REMEMBRANCE . Feel proud. You made a difference. My family thanks you as do I. Your going to do great on OfferUp. I’m not all the way back but I’m sure on my way. 

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You and your family are too kind @Jones68!
Thanks to you both for such endearing words, they are heart felt!
You are definitely on your way back Jones68--> kinda like the six-million dollar man, stronger, better, faster! Go... Jones68!
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@REMEMBRANCE  Thank you. Thank you so much. 

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Six-Mill Man @Jones68!