How has OfferUp helped you?

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Finally a place to give a little and get a little out of my garage and closets!😉
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Well I have earned $8.00 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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I’m actually waiting to see how it will help me. I’m currently only up here to sell items I no longer use/need. So I’m looking forward to my first sale.
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@Dev95 it happened on the most unusual item from my garage. I suspect it was for resell now. However I found 1 sq ft of space after😉 I am continuing to post as I have both quality and quantity items to clear. I wish you great success, and patience. My theory may be flawed, however I think the more I post the better my opportunity for sales. Best of luck!
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Thank you! I, too, have some quality items. I’ve been reluctant to post, as I wait on my first sale. BUT I will start putting other items up here. Thank you!!!
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@Dev95 Great! I hope you get more room free than I have to this point, however I am the great optimist and tax returns are being processed so $$$$ I pray will be floating our way!
(Inserts giggle here)
I am such a poet...
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Thats a great way to look at the exchange of goods.
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@REMEMBRANCE have you trademarked the phrase "complete minimization"? if you have not trademarked that would you mind if I did for "us".... 😉😉 That is my #1 goal. I never want to see this much un-used, and space absorbing yet quality goods in my posession again. I prefer anyone get some wear from nice clothes, some meals from tools, some appreciation for the beauty of the things, antiques, home decor, and jewelry I have no room for. The sentiment associated with some things I have to console myself with the fact others will appreciate these items as much as I have and may pass them to generations also. If I see some being resold then they needed the money and I helped in my small way.
It was not my intention to get sappy there. Only too happy to admit my lack of intelligence for some things I have.😂
At any rate... love the phrase "complete minimization". 👍👏👏
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Love it!
"Complete Minimization"

YOU are an OU Neighbor after my own heart!
100% with you on ALL the above reasons to minimize! The Planet loves you too gir!
Almost ready for my "Tiny House" 😉😉
Well hasn't yet but will I'm sure of it. I like to buy cheap broke down vehicles and put money into them so there in tip top shape and sell them. I make a little money doing what I love, and I help someone out that can only afford 5grand or less vehicle that they can be confident that is a great car. It's a whole lot easier than trying to have a car lot. N I like a good deal when I see one I love tools n stuff . I'm new with it but so far very happy, just hard getting used to dealing with strangers.