How has OfferUp helped you?

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Omg! Not sure I'm ready for the real "tiny house". How about a double wide Tiny?.... Color me a bit clostrophohic.... 😊😁😂
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Everyone is a stranger at first look. Listen to your instincts. Be precise with your post. *My 1st scare...
Insecurity about others understanding the deal. When in doubt, just say no. To this moment (& I will know more on 3/5/19) all has gone well. I say that because the buyer would not respond to text. I refused 2 purchases from him before accepting the 3rd.
Guess we are alike with our skepticism about some. 😏
I prefer to pay for what I purchase, some have the "you owe me" mentality. Or the "I'm entitled" mentality.
Ok, stepping off my soap box....
Good luck. Much success!!😃😎
Offer up helps with things u need at normal quality and no price or excellent quality with half price , than getting the Same excellent quality with store price. Therefore theirs a lot of your moneys worth greater than not getting something your satisfied with.
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Offer up has helped me out tremendously! I had 30 days to move and needed to sell my furniture ASAP! I posted all my furniture and sold all of it in time before my move. Thanks offer up! Craigslist did not do any good. Offer up is the BEST!
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@JenniferL  That’s great that OfferUp helped so fast. Nice to here your story and Happy ending.

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My thoughts exactly
1st day user
I received mad views in mind
Truly awesome platform
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Welcome to OfferUp and our community, @Snook1!! Super happy you joined! There are TONS of tips scattered through these forums, so take a look around! 

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@Snook1--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! I hope you have an amazing opportunity to interact with others, share your thoughts, insight & experiences!! Welcome!!
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Lol... @KillerCloset
You are a poet!
In reference to OU helping me prepare for a "complete minimization" into a tiny house. Definitely would utilize the smaller accommodations to mainly see more of our beautiful country!
No claustrophobia when outdoors...
just blue sky my friend TULU Smiley Wink
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@REMEMBRANCE  Big outdoors is great. To much stuff for tiny house. LOL!