How has OfferUp helped you?

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I have commented a while back that I have done very well with Offer Up and it is nice to know there are a lot of like minded people left arond here.

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I used this venue in the Midwest when I was moving out here. I must say everything I sold people came to my house and purchased the item. Didn't have any problems.I was reading here that someone had sold furniture and vehicles and didn't have them meet at their home..... hmmmmmm I wouldn't want to cart around furniture to meet up. Sometimes you just need to go with it. I actually have more issues with people here in the west than I did in the that being said Offer up helped me get rid of things when I made a major move. Actually it may of been Let Go
I am a newbie. My guy & I have used OfferUp once so far. When I first started, I was having problems getting the cars that my guy wanted to sell. Of course I don’t remember what how I got through the problem I had, so I decided to get help somehow on here. I get the message something went wrong & it timed out. Thank goodness it saved everything I have put.
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Offer Up Help Me Pay Sum Bills an Fill My Gas Tank Up To Go Take Care Sum Biz Out Of Town Yayyy
I have been with the app since it started..from the time when it was local only. Lol..for made me deal with people both nice folks & jerks as well. I have dealt with people whom met up with a smile on their face, others who were downright rude & others whom showed up & asked "Take a dollar? I forgot my money"

I have seen dozens on dozens of flakers & fakes. I have screened through thousands of messages. Sold hundreds of weird items.
I have even made a few friends along the way.

I can honestly say this app has forged & honed my patience, as well as my ability to hold my words in. This has helped me in building a superb level of customer service, with many repeat customers - some whom have even gone far as to tell me that my shoppe to them has become a "Household" name lol
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I love this post so much, @MidnightAntiqui!!