How has OfferUp helped your hobbies?

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Hey OfferUp Community!


I've noticed that buying items on OfferUp has helped me pick up a ton of new hobbies! It also happens to be my safe space for selling the items related to the hobbies that didn't work out for me Smiley LOL So far, I've picked up (and re-sold) a unicycle, tons of adult coloring books and pencils, some paints to get me in touch with my crafty side, and some rollerblades (which I'm going to resell again lol) - so I'm curious... Has OfferUp helped you pick up new hobbies? Or have you been over-ambitious with getting into a new hobby and had to sell everything you just got so you can move onto the next? I wanna hear your stories!  

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It has for me as well. I am learning to sow, did a few refurbs (working on a vanity rt now), and I started making candles. It has also helped me meet quite a few new friends as well. I am loving Offerup.
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Great question!!! I'm into retro games and had several dealings with same like-minded offerup users. Had a guy who was into programming and repairing electronics as well creating raspberry pi retro game projects and we immediately hit it off. A simple dealing involving mid-late 1990s and early 2000s games turned into a 2 hour meetup that resulted in us getting a cup of coffee talking about old games. Now we help each other out in each others business (almost like a partnership) creating modded old retro systems and making modern raspberry pi emulators from which we buy the parts catered to people that visit our site(s) and assemble and program them to be sold. Also 3d printing parts for both old  and new systems0electronics that are no longer sold or in production. 

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@Jsb267 this is SO COOL!!!! I've been wanting to get into 3D printing as well!! Sounds like you met a friend for life now - that's so great Smiley Happy

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Offer Up has helped me to sell some hobbies that I love to collect and sell. I've also nenefited by joing the Community Forum where I learn as I'm still new to this.
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I am a restaurant manager/sommelier for a living so I have a lot of wine corks. I thought I’d make a hobby out of crafting things with the corks and never did. I posted the corks and sold over 600 of them, which made me feel great because I was providing an item in abundance that most people don’t regularly have access to! Cheers to cork art!
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I just bought an old sewing machine - a brand that pretty much lasts a lifetime. OfferUp is great for those kinds of heavy, bulky items that would be risky shipping through a different selling site. Buying local from someone who was an experienced sewist made a difference for me.