How many times have you been ghosted?

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I get that this app helps people negotiate and facilitate a person to person transaction of an item owned by the seller.
So what's the deal Portland Oregon area?? Why must you insist on wasting people's time when a price is more than fair and the item being sold is clearly just as it shows in pic and description. Is $5 or $10 really that hard to come up with in cash ? Honestly if so then just tell me your deal I may just give you the darn item. I only post items for sale so I can stay simplistic .
I am very very sick of the million and 1 questions about items that have at least 4 pics a full description and a more than fair price.
Do people just troll others on this app site or something? Seriously very frustrated today and want to know the magic mystery of why people set up time price place to buy something then just go ghost when that time comes. Or finally respond with some insane obvious lie about why they have yet to make the meet.
Are people so selfish that they no longer have courtesy and manners for other people? I don't like my time wasted. I can guarantee you that whatever person just ghosts after meet time and thinks they are so important that a courtesy communication doesn't even matter...
1) You will never be that important. No one is
2) Be courteous to others with things. It's not ok to be a arse!!!!
Ok thx ! Sorry for the Rant to all who took time to read it. Just needed to get that out badly!
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@Blndy78 it happens a lot, but that is part of doing business via apps. I no longer take personally as I wait exactly 15 min and leave, and report failed buyer.
It's happened to me since the app started..I've dealt with it hundreds of times. It came to the point where I deleted all meet-up apps. I even deleted offerup after a very long stretch until it offered shipping options.

It even started to happen with buyers whom had bought dozens of items from me over the course of a year. Sadly, there will always be flakers, even with shipping. I have even had buyers whom showed up, but only to watch me looking around for them -- to drive past me flipping a bird or guffawing with laughter. Some even texted me & gloated about it lol..
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Iam sorry to hear this happened to you it has happened to me also i have gotten teens late at night wanting to buy items i just ignore them and block but i keep going for the good people who buy my items lol Toyman
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@MidnightAntiqui there always be losers nothing better to do than waste other people's time.
Those losers will eventually be bottom of the totem pole in the society.

Lol..they already are overall.