How to detect scam buyers messages

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Hello Sellers

I just wanted to make everyone aware if you already don’t know that if you get a message along these lines: “hello send message to my mom at (username) at hotmail she gonna buy she will contact you ASAP” THIS IS A SCAM I almost got taken for a fool.

They will pay your asking price, won’t low ball you. They will have good communication with you but this is where it gets uncomfortable. They will tell you that they will have her “mover” pick it up and will send you a cashiers check to pay the movers when they come pick up. You’ll get the check sent to your house 2 business days later with over $2000 extra for the “movers” long story short, I waited for the check to clear, once it did they want ask you to pay the overs instead at a Well Fargos bank at least 1500$ and then pay cash when they pick up. Once you do that and send them a pick of the deposit slip, GO to your bank account and you will see that the check that they sent and was cleared will say that it was Returned Check Returned Deposit and them taking 1500$ from your own money since they get there whole check returned to them.

PLEASE do not respond to that message if you get it. Keep all of your conversations on OfferUp never over the phone, text or email. OfferUp won’t be able to provide any assistance since it’s away from there app.

I got so lucky that Wells Fargo was able to get my money back but they even told me that I was one of the lucky ones because normally any scam like that, your likely to never see that money again

I hope this helps someone so they can avoid what I went through

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This is REALLY old news. This scam is over 30 years old. Even in the days of the "The Recycler" classifieds (before the internet), people were running the same scam. In those days, we could track down the land line phone number with a little effort.

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@Edgar478 Thanks for sharing and wanting to help keep others safe here in the community! Smiley Happy

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Thanks so much @Edgar478. This is a very old scam but obviously, it's still going on today. Great to share because not everyone knows about it. Your a perfect example of being unaware before it happened to you.
Anyone who claims they are not able to meet face to face but have other arrangements lined up is the first red flag. Using any email communication to circumvent the app is another. Extra cash in forms of check, money order, Western Union, gift cards, is the anchor; hoping greed or need of extra cash will seal the deal. Glad everything worked out.
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Thank you soooooo much! I ran into this through craigs list. Didnt feel right because i felt like i heard of it being a scam before but wasnt sure. Now i am! Ty. Is there some where to report them to?
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@Tvalen Yes! Make sure to follow these steps here to report a person or item through the app:

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@Edgar478, yeah I get them all the time for while. I use throwaway email to play with them. I ask for their picture and once they send me random picture from Google claiming them, I complement how pretty they are, etc.
And tell them to pick up merchandise from some random address at different state or country.
Yeah, you will get them for while when account is new.
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This was literally the first message I got after signing up. Except it is his “step ma’am”
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I'm glad you dodged that bullet Smiley Happy
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