I am new to the Area in Spring and just bought a Sensory Kids gym that benefits kids with growth.

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Hello @Werock2018, I am in Texas.

Congratulations! That is quite an investment.     Smiley HappyHeart

Please tell me more information about your Sensory Kids Gym. Are you starting a business or is this in/at your home? Sensory gyms are growing across America because of the risk free activities in a sensory gym.  The gyms foster calmness and leaning becomes enjoyable. 

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@Werock2018 Awesome! Smiley Happy

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Wow, I missed this topic but must admit @Werock2018, I'm in the dark about sensory gyms. Anything that's helpful in a child's positive development I'm all for! I'll be getting back to you guys about this for sure.


 This is exactly why we need to hear from you: sharing information and ideas that teach, inspire, uplift the OfferUp Community. My future is going to be in Texas @Shupat. Is this a growing thing there as well? Silly Question 'cuz everything's growing in Texas....just bigger!



Please tell us more... @Werock2018

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Wow!! I'm so excited for you @Werock2018. I did some quick learning about this and now I understand what your doing. I think this is amazing. I wan't familiar with these or the franchise. I knew of similar types of setups at children's hospitals for children who are physically challenged and similarly for autism. 


All the best. Please, you must come back and share!!

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Hello @cyclomatic

I do love me some Texas! Heart

The sensory gyms are sprinkled throughout Texas mostly centered around the larger cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. We Rock the Spectrum is a franchise that seem to be building momentum across the USA.

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Thanks for the insight @Shupat. I will eventually be in Arlington. I'll be taking some time to learn more about these going forward. We Rock the Spectrum not only looks like a good business opportunity (need to learn more regarding franchising) but an awesome opportunity for children and families. 

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Like @cyclomatic, I had to look up what this is and I really love this.  

It seems like you're offering a really neat experience for your community that will have so many positive benefits for everyone involved. 

I'd absolutely LOVE to hear about how this is going! Heart

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Been reading & will continue to educate myself on your "Cause". From what I've seen thus far this sounds incredible. I am also in Spring, Tx. & would enjoy being a friend/follower etc. Trying to find my local peeps in Spring area. L11