I can't get the shipping option

So I just downloaded this app because it had the option to ship items - well I don't have that option! I lost 4 potential sales already - I contacted support and nobody gets back to me, I'm verified on all things but Facebook because I don't have one, I set up my deposit settings because I thought maybe it won't let me because my card info wasn't in - we'll I was wrong. I live in Pennsylvania, is that a state that doesn't allow shipping?
I already deleted and reinstalled the app, changed categories to see if that was the issue and nothing seems to be working.



You can make contact with customer support here. There is an option for "tehchnical issue".

I'm having the same issue

Some users have experienced the shipping option disappearing/reappearing.


If you have any items up for sale that do not qualify for shipping (weight over 20lbs...like furniture, appliances,etc and/or items valued over $500), try archiving them and recheck.

It's super annoying!
Community Manager

Have you tried following the steps listed here?


  • Make sure you're using the newest version of the app. More about updates

  • Try quitting your app completely and relaunching it to be sure you're seeing the latest info.

  • To be able to post shippable items for sale, validate your email address with us, if it hasn't already been validated. Manage your email settings


When you figure it out, please do come back and share as to what the issue was or how it was resolved, as it will help others in the future.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.