I just joined and looking for some guidance

Level 1
Hi, im new to the selling and buying online and been having issues getting started. I read up on a lot of the advice on the community posts which helped answer some questions and with a little commen sense of your own i was sure i would have made a sale by now..I just have a couple of questions starting with if there is anything i can do to help with finalizing a sale? Now the other question. Is it normal to have at least 20 or so offers and i got all the way down to even agreeing on a price but when it came down to where to meet up ive literally lost an easy 20 sales because i never get a response back when all thats left is aggreeing on a place to meet. Could this be something as minor as having my settings not set up right and the customer might think i just haven't responded to them? Last thing i actually did manage to make one sale to the local fire department which was a 42in tv for their resting area but my account never recorded that for some reason. I apologize for the long post im sure if this is where we post any concers but any help with either questions would be much appreciated.
Level 8
Hi don't feel bad is not your settings I had the same situation , one of the buyer asked me if is still available I said yes he asked me what's your final price I told him after that I never heard from him. My second and third customer asked me if is still available I told both customer Yes and never heard back from neither, so I not your settings or you unfortunately we do have some people that going to waist our time.
I know what that's not what you want to hear. I guess just be patient someone will see like your prices and you will have a sale.Don't drop your prices immediately
Happy selling
Level 9
Although I just don't have all the answers...I do know that your rating is important when selling for sure. The more you read, watch videos, participate in forums, & genuinely jump in will help your rating improve on O.U. to a next level. When I started I couldn't sell squat! I did find that by changing my zip code area to a bigger area helped. Of course it's an area still close.Just hang in there & things will turn around. @L11