I love buyers who ask, meet up and buy! What do people get out of pretending to meet up?

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Awesome idea then I would be able to sell my good products to people that love it
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Excellent suggestion! Hope the community manager sees this and forward the idea.
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I saved this idea in my notes, @Ooh!! Smiley Very Happy

I'm a fan of this as well!

That is a great idea. It will expose the “ways of time trollers who aren’t even in the position to buy.”
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Great thoughts. But, actions speak louder than words.
I had a supposed "stuck in traffic."
Two hours of back and forth and not agreeing to meet closer. I thanked them.
Next day given a phone number to text.
No thank you!
I don't want to rate. Because it goes back to buyer...rating is not anonymous.

Also afraid to report ussr.
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This is happening to me now. I spoke to a women who was perfectly nice and everything was set up for a pick up then she ghosted me! I really wish there was a way to report people as this has happened twice! Potential seller should know when buyers are playing games with you time.
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A 'No Show' rating would be good. Great idea!
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@Katiehammond83 I feel your pain. I just started on OfferUp and I have officially had 5 people agree to an amount, place to meet and time and NOTHING! I don’t get it... why waste their time and mine. It should be as simple as either you want to buy or not!! Hope it gets better for you and good luck! 😊
Thanks for your information!