I love buyers who ask, meet up and buy! What do people get out of pretending to meet up?

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Hey @ConnieLou...I am sorry for your no shows and twice in one weekend is really a downer. I agree, it is simple to send a text.

This issue is widespread! I think it is the Millennials or heavily concentrated there. It is too easy to hide behind the great cyber void!

Jeez, I am going to get in trouble over that statement... LOL

Hang in there... the next one will be a show!  Smiley Happy

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@Katiehammond83  look at you making a great sale today! Congrats

I am playing the song:  Happy


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Maybe if you can rate the buyer zero stars that equals no show
You are too nice. Time is money and people who intentionally waste time just because they need someone to talk to need to join chat rooms.
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I Totally Agree and Support EVERYTHING you said. If you don't have time,or the COURTESY to buy and sell RESPECTFULLY, Then STAY OFF THE APP. a little "Treat like you want to be Treated" Goes a LONG WAY to Successful buying and selling. Can't we all just be respectful. =^[)
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Hello @YeskaMaN420,

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I think that’s an excellent idea! I’ve also had mostly really positive selling experiences. But, the ones who take advantage of our time, and are habitual no-shows, should be flagged for the protection of the next seller.
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Hello @DeeM78

Welcome to the forum!

What type of items do you sell?

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great ideas! i agree.
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I agree they need to do that had problems with people doing that to me and I'm rely able more than them sold more stuff on other sites but no luck with this one