I love buyers who ask, meet up and buy! What do people get out of pretending to meet up?

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@Galansandy   I like your way of thinking. I to have the same thing happen. I’m sure everyone has a story about it. I look at it this way. I may get the no shows but hey that’s part of any app you sell on. But I can say this. The ones that do show have been the nicest people. For me, that makes it worthwhile. As for the no shows, they lost a good deal. I just move on to the next. I meet at my local grocery store. 5 minutes from my house. I’m not going to waste a lot gas. Like you said, that one, Makes the difference doesn’t it. The good does outweigh the bad. Hope you never change. Thanks for your story.

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Our sellers have lot of great ideas for penalizing the no show buyers. EBAY has a sellers rating and a buyers rating of stars but I dont remember a no show rate. I think because buyers are members on the OUp site the no shows could get a minus or 0 star rate on their page. Then when sellers look them up and see the low star rated because of no shows. That would be a signal to me to resist even selling to them. I stopped selling on EBay because of the scammers who lied and said I sent them broken or damaged things and they refused to send them back and complained to EBay who promptly refunded them my money deducting from my account. There will always be evil scammers who lie and figure out a way to cheat the system. 


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@ConnieEB   You are so right there. Scammers are everywhere. Take great pictures from every angle. A picture can say a thousand words. I personally don’t ship anything. I do local. Meet me , look at inspect the item. If it’s what I said then I get payed and that’s the end of it. I’m Believer in honesty. It wasn’t broken when I sold it so don’t ask me to take it back because you broke it. 

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I gave a sofa away one time. No price. Free. All they had to do was come get it. Told me no, you deliver it. LOL! I said no.  Nothing wrong with sofa. I just brought a new one so didn’t need it. They got mad. Can you believe that. Long story short. They met me at my local store. Took the sofa. 3 days later they said It had broken springs and I wasted there time and gas. It wasn’t broken when I gave it away. I just smiled and didn’t answer them anymore.