I saw a syringe in a photo mixed with makeup. The person had track marks. Is that a violation

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I'm so delighted to say they took the posts down with the syringes in the photos. I'm glad offer up heard what I had to say whether or not she was an addict or diabetic, showing syringes is not very appropriate also especially with baby clothes. Smh
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I would report the item just to make sure.
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I might also add...
It is a health/safety violation if the make-up is not a new item and prohibited. In regards to the offensive material, all you can do is report this type of post as suspicious.
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Actually the makeup is used on the bed. She's selling a tennis skirt. You can clearly see the syringe in the photos. Her legs are shown with needle marks on them. I reported it but it's still there. It's in 2 different posts. It's really disgusting. I wouldn't buy them knowing there's a needle a foot away filled with a substance. Gross!!

Selling used makeup is prohibited, but the other stuff in the described image is a "moral" judgment call.


Let me put it this way...What if she is a diabetic? Maybe she is now sober (no longer an addict). Who am I to judge the "context" of the images?


It's like the forum poster who vented that another OU user complained about her "dirty finger nails" within her images.

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@factsdontcare  My wife is diabetic. She doesn’t have track marks on her body. But because we do gardening, we do have dirt under our nails at times. 

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@lightningx2   You made a good call. 


You missed the whole point. Maybe the person is no longer an addict? Track marks don't disappear overnight.


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Your right, track marks don’t disappear over night just like they don’t stop over night. @factsdontcare   The point I was trying to make is diabetes shots aren’t like that. 

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They are fresh track marks. Not old. I can tell the difference. Also insulin isn't a light brown substance. It's clear. That's what I saw in the syringe. Both my parents are diabetics and use a needle and it's not the same kind. They used to use the kind with the orange cap. It's been years since they've used those kinds. They use a new kind now. Anyway I reported it. If it doesn't get taken down oh well. I know I won't be buying from this person.