I thought all was good until we met...

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@Suzanne1 Now that’s a great Hubs 👍👍👍👍👍
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@goblin Thank you for your heartfelt reply. I already did as you've suggested. I flagged the guy's profile and stated in the flag what he did.

Because I have no concrete info on the guy I'm afraid a police report would only suffice in wasting the officer's time.

I think my intention with sharing this unfortunate experience is to educate others in what steps to take should something similar happen to them--
I should have contacted the police as soon as I was safe in the ladies room but before the creep left the scene. I do not recommend any attempt to verify the creep's identity, i.e.; pics of the vehicle or of them will only place you in harm's way.
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@0317 Mj_206 knows what she doing,
you should stop this kind of inappropriate behavior. and let her do her job!!!
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@0317 I have to believe you're not really suggesting I, or any woman for that matter, would fabricate this kind of indecency.

If you would review my original post I stated the buyer referred to me as "Hun." I don't have to prove anything to anyone. I have only posted about an incident that should never have happened. I didn't call the police because our culture; Yes, the United States of America, STILL believes a woman is to blame when her male counterparts acts inappropriately (Watch "I am Evidence"). Instilled deep inside my ethos is a sad, sick responsibility when a man misbehaves. Simply put, I felt responsible in some manner for this guy's ludicrous behavior.
Oh, yes, lest I forget your reference to "innocent until proven guilty." Really? It's a great slogan found on the half-naked female statue whom, ironically, is blind-folded. I'd be willing to wager that you also believe you have the right to vote...
I am proud to be an American! My ancestors came here in 1702! My husband is my hero because he volunteered to give his life to defend the Constitution of this Nation & more (you'd have to ask him). BTW, you have offended me and sending me a private email to seek my what? Alliance? Permission? I'll stop here lest I lose my temper...
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@Suzanne1 extremely well put👍, and thank you and your husband for his services 🙏
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@Hotrod Thank you and I'll tell the Hubs
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Unless, during the meeting you said, "the last thing I sold was my body." Then giving him a few elbow nudges, you slapped his a*. This guy is a scum bag. Guys like this that think they somehow have power over others or think that they are above what is moral or legal...  You handled it just fine! Please don't let that too stand offish with others... Guys like that after the reason that I get eye balled by others, when I'm a pretty good guy.

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@CThrizzle81 I loved your reply. I know there are a lot of really nice, respectful guys out there. My Dad, my brother, my son, my grandson, Papa, my son-in-law, and of course, The Hubs would NEVER act like a creep when interacting with a woman.
It's a shame two accounts went down in flames over this topic. This was never my objective. I really wanted to only provide a heads up to everyone else and do a collective brainstorming on how to prevent this from occurring again to "anyone."

As all can see, I have removed my Facebook photo and my name just as suggested early in this thread. I wanted to create a non-gender identity. And moving forward The Hubs and I now a team in all interactions.
I cannot reiterate enough to everyone -- Never communicate outside this app, no matter what the circumstances. If additional pics are requested; take them and post them in your listing. If they suddenly want you to text them when you arrive; do so WITHIN THE APP. Remember, they're using Smartphones and will receive your text in the app too.
If they want you to describe your vehicle; don't. Tell them where you are instead.
If they ask personal questions; either ignore those questions to continue with the sale/purchase or warn them or report them (depending on the severity).

As all have repeatedly said; keep yourself safe always.
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I am so sorry this happened to you...always take someone with you always....better to be safe than sorry!! One more thing thats a awesome attitude and remark about you being 60 I love it 60 and you got it going on!! I am 50 and even with my own age issues I admire that you found something to take and make it a little easier to deal with what this unappropiate person tried to do...you go girl!!!