I thought all was good until we met...

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Wow ,
Glad you are ok
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Exactly no one should call another sex just in min hunny or hun to get sweet with u some time most guys think of u being nice or friendly that they already have u glade u ok and report him cuz next time some other girl won't be lucky
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@Hi-there Agreed! In a perfect world Gender, Age, Beauty, Ethnicity, etc. SHOULD NEVER be a reason to cause another to suffer in any manner. Alas, brain-stupidity usually governs us all. Then we attempt to "save face" by arrogantly convincing generations including ourselves that it is "normal" to err because we are, after all, only human!

@Azshine-7717 I did change my user name and ld profile photo "after" I had enough transactions and reviews to verify my worthiness to do business with. I felt if I made any pre-mature changes my sales would suffer.
I'll have to get back with whether or not my decisions were sound or premature.
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Never meet alone. Yes public place should be a given but so should you never meet without a friend or witness
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Yikes! But no, you did the right thing.
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Even tho you blocked them ...I feel they shouldn't be able to use offer up..I bought 100.00 worth of makeup and there was suppose to be 200 items. THE lady came to me and my dumb butt hands her the 100.00& she hands me the bag but there was only 150 items. So call her and she ignores my calls then she finally answer after a week.Tells me she is coming by to make it right leads me on for 4 hours then says all i can do is if you spend another 80.00 with me i can make it right...wtf???? The bad thing is all I have is her phone # and offer up nothing eles to go by. No last name nothing..how can you file on someone without knowing the name?? So i counting on offer up to help me fine her
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@Harleyjeanne--I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Why would the person agree "to make it right" & then tell you she can for an additional $80 on top of what you paid? Have you reached out to customer care?

OfferUp Customer care

**I hope everything works out for you!!
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Make me think twice about selling here.glad you're ok.
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You should have called up your fist kneed him in the balls and uppercut to his chin then walked away
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@Darrellball Welcome to OfferUp Community Forums! Love, love, love the "self-defense lesson for creepy guy!" 💕