I thought all was good until we met...

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Man, glad your husband came and you weren't hurt! I've had a few messages like if this is a dating app! And inquiries about items then they send kissing emojis, yuck! I had to change my profile pic! Stay safe!!
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I had someone calling me"hun " too.. wierd...
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Sometimes if I don't accept low offers they call me names too.
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Thank you sooo much for sharing! Im sooo happy to hear you are okay.
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Welcome to the community, @Jackie35!


Don't forget - we now have SafeTradeSpots.com which will help you find any of the Community MeetUp Spots across the US! Smiley Happy

This had happened to me recently. Is there no policies to abide for messages between 2 people?
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@SpicyEggroll69--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! This is an amazing opportunity to interact with other buyers and sellers, explore the different forums, & share your insight and experiences!! Welcome!!
Thank you for letting us learn from your experience... There are creeps everywhere. We must all be ever vigilant for our selves and for others.. Unity is Power. God Bless!!