I thought all was good until we met...

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OMG! I hope this hasn't happened to anyone else. I had a buyer string me along for about two weeks. Tried to get me to call them many times. Was overly friendly in responses. Even called me "hun" in the last text in OfferUp.
Finally, the buyer committed to meeting to finalize the sale. I met the buyer halfway between their place & mine.

Upon arrival, the buyer attempted to get a little to comfortable with conversation and body language. Maybe be I'm female I tried to pretend I wasn't reading this guy's signals correctly. Maybe because of how old I am I didn't come right out and say he was making me uncomfortable. When I attempted to end the transaction, the buyer crossed the line! Without hestitation, he made a very illegal proposal! He offered money for specific sex acts!

Red faced, I didn't know exactly what to do or say so I grabbed my purse, cell phone, and sale item and headed for the ladies room. I was shocked. I felt horrible. I couldn't hold back the tears. I went over everything in my head trying to figure out where this guy got the idea it was ok to do such a thing.
I remained in the ladies room for more than 45 minutes while I figured out what to do next. I called my husband who was there within minutes. The buyer had left. I reported this to incident to OfferUp and blocked the guy.

Hindsight is always perfect-- I realize now that I should have called the police and tell them what had happened. Calling my husband wasn't the best decision especially if the guy had stuck around. I need to stop blaming myself when a guy acts like this toward me. Then, I had to quietly tell myself that at 60 years of age, I've still got it..😢

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@CThrizzle81 I loved your reply. I know there are a lot of really nice, respectful guys out there. My Dad, my brother, my son, my grandson, Papa, my son-in-law, and of course, The Hubs would NEVER act like a creep when interacting with a woman.
It's a shame two accounts went down in flames over this topic. This was never my objective. I really wanted to only provide a heads up to everyone else and do a collective brainstorming on how to prevent this from occurring again to "anyone."

As all can see, I have removed my Facebook photo and my name just as suggested early in this thread. I wanted to create a non-gender identity. And moving forward The Hubs and I now a team in all interactions.
I cannot reiterate enough to everyone -- Never communicate outside this app, no matter what the circumstances. If additional pics are requested; take them and post them in your listing. If they suddenly want you to text them when you arrive; do so WITHIN THE APP. Remember, they're using Smartphones and will receive your text in the app too.
If they want you to describe your vehicle; don't. Tell them where you are instead.
If they ask personal questions; either ignore those questions to continue with the sale/purchase or warn them or report them (depending on the severity).

As all have repeatedly said; keep yourself safe always.
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Oh man, this sounds horrible.

Report the user, go to the top right of his profile and hit the flag button.

I'm not a lady but I would have blocked him at "Hun" if I was.

Including; sweetheart, babe, sugar or anything that sounds really sleazy coming from a stranger.

Seriously, this user has a major problems... jeez.

Yeah do not blame yourself.

It was completely inappropriate.

Apart from blocking the user you can reach out to support and maybe even file a police report for harassment or similar.

@Mj_206 @Elin can maybe provide the link as I'm on mobile currently and don't have it on clipboard.
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@Suzanne1 I totally agree with what goblin said. I’m so sorry this happened to you, I would recommend having someone with you and meet close to your location like a OfferUp safe zone if it’s available in your area. or maybe a coffee shop, something public when cameras and lots of people around, I always go with my gut feeling. Below is the link for customer care,

OfferUp Customer care
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---WOW... @Suzanne1---
Absolutely inhumane... that someone would demean another human being without even a thought or regard for their feelings!
Glad you are in good enough spirits to make lite of the encounter... 🌹
Stay safe Suzanne 👌
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Yes, report this jerk without hesitation. Also from now on bring someone with you to these meetups--preferably a man. Also don't let any buyer string you along. Either they are going to by the product or not. Two weeks going back and forth is too much. I would be suspicious of a buyer who did this to me.
Also, instead of a pic of yourself as an icon, perhaps you want to replace that with something else. That way these guys don't come onto you while pretending they are interested in buying from you. There should be a hall of shame on this site for abusers. SHAME ON THEM! 😡 EDIT: One more thing keep all communications limited to this site. Scammers and jerks like the guy you mentioned, want to get you to give out your email and telephone number. Don't do it. They can spam you and harass you to know end. It's not worth the headache.

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OH MY GOODNESS!! I am SO sorry for this, @Suzanne1. I'll ensure this user gets removed right away. 

Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with. So sorry again about this - some people really are just bad apples. 

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Wow! I am also 60 and just posted my picture. I felt weird about it though. Can you post the link to the sexual predator so it does not happen to other women?
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Hey there, @SylviaTokyo we aren't allowed to post links, but I removed this other user Smiley Happy

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Thank you for your passionate responses. I guess I really haven't been exposed to this kind of creepiness in all my years (I've traveled around the world 3x and walk with just my dogs, albeit strapped to my waist, just about anywhere & I've never encountered such behavior).
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I think I need to clarify--We meet in a very public place, A Japanese Restaurant. The Hubs is usually in attendance however, this particular day he had to be at the VA & he was running late. I did mention The Hubs made miraculous time coming to my rescue, didn't I? He arrived in less than 15 minutes against rush hour traffic. Moving forward, The Hubs will be attending all meetings, up close & personal, to keep me safe and of sound mind.