I thought all was good until we met...

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Will definitely look into this, @Suzanne1

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@Lisae1 Please do not be worried about meeting strangers in this forum. This discussion thread has led to many wonderful ideas regarding how to keep a woman safe from unwanted and/or inappropriate advances.

I can honestly state that I feel quite comfortable with continuing face-to-face sales meetings because of the multiple reccomendations made in this thread & others in this community forum.
As you state, always follow your intuition!

If you're not comfortable with a person, for any reason, do not meet with them alone. Move the meet location to one at a police station if the sale/purchase is that important but you feel uneasy about the person. Always follow your own advise!

Take care.
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@Azsunshine7717 Welcome to Offer Up Community forums. I apologize for the very slow welcome. I thought I had welcomed you already.
Your experience sounds far too similar to mine. Did you report the user to Offer Up?

I like your spunk!
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I'm just curious. WHY would I ask someone else about the item you were selling and your situation ??

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@Mj_206 please delete my user id from the tags in my reply to @Luckiiv.

Thank you
First, do not beat yourself up, blame yourself or spend one more second wondering what you did to instigate or give the impression it was ok for him to do this. You have every right to use your real profile picture as it instills a sense of trust to those who may purchase from you. You should also feel safe meeting in a public place and not have to deal with predators like this. He is to blame for this and you should not feel badly for being an honest and trusting person.

I’ve taken a women’s self-defense class a few times and my brother, father and sister in law are in leadership roles in law enforcement. She is the one who teaches the course I’ve taken. It’s a good idea to know some basic defense, but always listen to your gut and always stay aware. You should not have to bring someone In order to feel safe and should find a way to feel confident and safe even when alone.

Guys like him behave as though they are fishing. They enjoy the game of it and they throw out their line so often they eventually get bites (and hopefully worse!). I posted an ad on Craig’s List for pet sitting / dog sitting on the weekends and couldn’t believe the responses I was getting! There are no profile pics on that site. I understand how an unwelcome and unwarranted advance like that can make you feel. It is not a reflection of you, your behavior or morals but a reflection of how indecent the man is.

Way to go thinking quickly and also keeping a positive attitude. You’re stronger than you think when faced with scary situations like this and now you’ve been through it and see you made good decisions that kept you safe. I can’t encourage you enough to try to find a way to feel confident should a situation like that happen again. They don’t expect it, the only way they get away with it is when women are afraid and do nothing to protect or defend themselves. When we do, their plan is ruined.

Thanks for sharing so all can be reminded.
Thank you for all those words of encouragement!! I did contemplate taking down my picture however, that's the point of this site. I don't fully trust someone that doesn't show their picture. It's like what are you hiding, why not show your face. Most of these people harassing others don't have pics! First clue! I always meet in a public place, no if and and buts about it. Sometimes they try to get me to deliver to their house! NO WAY!!! I just say I'm not a free delivery service! You want it, you meet me! The Gaul of these people surprises me sometimes. Selling on here can be so difficult. Very frustrating. Not what I expected signing up. Never thought I'd be HARASSED so much. For all of us that are, we all just need to know IT'S NOT US, WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO DESERVE THIS!! We need to carry on REPORT & BLOCK and HOLD OUR HEADS HIGH!! IT'S NICE TO KNOW I'M NOT ALONE, I'M HAPPY TO HAVE ALL OF YOU OUT THERE!
Thank you, I just wanted to share my experiences. I had just been bombarded with people of both genders harassing me and had reached my limit. I felt like other people should know about the freaks trolling this Buying/Selling App. It's definitely NOT a dating app. I don't understand why there people just don't go to a dating app where there they can actually get some WANTED ATTENTION!! People just need to be aware of what's happening on this app. That's my point.
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@Azsunshine7717--It's unfortunate that you have to experience negative encounters with people. You should be able to have your profile picture, & still be treated the same no matter what--simply to buy & or sell items. That would be very frustrating!! Thanks so much for sharing your story!!