I trust them and now I'm overdraft and no present to my children's . That happens 2 days

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That sounds terrible! What happened?
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Never trust anyone on Offerup, espescially if you have not met. People can present however they wish. People can be caring and lovely or ruthless and pathetic. They pay the price for their actions at some point.

I'm sorry you faced such a wretched financial situation this chsitmas. I can certainly relate, my bank account typically displays a bright red negative symbol in from of my balance. 👍

I hope that the stress of this did not take away from enjoying precious time with loved ones, that time is irreplaceable, and certainly means far more to them than any gift. Things will work out, i hope you take care and have a good new year.
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It's unfortunate when you have a negative experience. I hope things get a lot better for you & your family. Thanks for sharing!!