I was scammed.

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I bought an iPhone XS Max on Janurary 1st and the very next day the seller reported the phone as stolen and now I'm unable to use it because it's blacklisted.


I already reported the account and contacted support through email and Twitter but no help has come my way.


I lost $900 and nobody will help me.


I've considered going to the police but I have really bad anxiety and dealing with them will just worsen it and I doubt they'd be of any help after everything I've read online about having a "stolen" phone.


I have a lot of the sellers information and proof of being scammed, I just need help with what to do.

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In this case you would likely not ever see your money back. Also it would have been even better to just have it shipped so that everything is on the record and offerup could have taken care of any problem between the seller and buyer. Also prior to that it would have been a useful idea to take video evidence that A) the phone is not stolen 2) You packing the item and then dropping it off with not cuts on the video 3) Always ask for more personal information during the meetup when there is a lot of money involved. In my case when an individual refuses to give phone number or hesitant that's usually a tell tale sign. I had a buyer once that I asked for a cell number before the exchange but he was hesitant but gave it to me anyway...then I asked him 30 seconds later "Hi sorry what's your number again," and he gave a different number and was acting nervous. This type of test is something you all should practice and also meet up with people in public where you know there are cameras.

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It was local so shipping wouldn't have made sense. I have the sellers full name, address, number, picture and more than enough screenshots that prove I was ripped off. I'm just wondering if I should even take this to the police.. like will they even do something about it? I have really bad anxiety and don't want to have an attack by stressing myself out by going to them and nothing comes of it.

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You are not by yourself!!
I was scamm last year out of 562.00
I know how you feel !!!
It’s hard to catch a scammer!
They use false information!!
They easily to pretend of being somebody they not!!
Most of the time .. it’s not safe UNLESS they are a true-u-member because to be a true-u member you have to take a picture of your driver license
But people steals them as well
Doesn’t mean it’s that person
I hope who ever did that to you get caught ... stay in touch
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I feel so bad for you!
That’s more than what I were scamm for !
Now In days people don’t believe in karma !!
But it do exist , and when it comes back, it’s comes back double!!!!!!!😭
I’m here for you... that’s sad! And it sounds exactly like a scammer
They gets away with too much !!
There should be a way they can get caught!!!!
I don’t extend my money threw cash app!
BAD peoples make it harder for honest people.. have a good day at least try to
Because 900.00 dollers is too much to give away! I’m upset for you and me both!!
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Ouch! Was almost scammed out of my $265 offerup one time but yours is enough for a months worth living renting etc. Losing that amount of money would be crippling and a hard lesson learned.