I will see if i can profile a person without looking at thier profile pix.

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Ive had to many shady people meet me at my house . Ive taken precautions such as settting up a large tv thats got a live feed of the customer as they walk up my driveway. . You cant miss it. , they all see that they are on camera. Ever sense ive set this up , ive noticed alot less people scoping out my inventory thats in plain site in my garage. Upselling and offering deals on multiple items after the person arrives accounts for 30% of the money i make on pick ups. If a person comes for a hammer , i make sure i have other tools out for them to see . I dont ever negoiate until they arrive, its a huge waste of time . Many People will make offers and dont have the money till friday. But once they show up , i let them know its buy two items , get the least expensive item half off. Especially if tbey are punctual , dont park in my drive way , and all around nice. I have alot of items i get that i cant throw away but wont waste my time posting. That stuff i keep close by to pass out as i see fit , be cool and im generous . When they leave i tell most of them if they or anyone they know ever cones back to buy something esle i will take 20% off price listed . Obviously this is if ur on time and you werent a pain in the **bleep**. I have several hundred items , and tell everyone that itbey can test it before buying but that i also guarantee my stuff . Becasue stuff happens and it sucks when u just spent $40 and the next day it breaks , so i do exchange , fix , or store credit . If i actually marked sold all the items ive sold ive easily sold way over a 1,000 items . And again i upsell about a 1/3 of the time and that item just gets archived not sold . My profile says 700 and 5 stars and you better believe ive worked hard for that 5 stars. . Im all about doing good business, but i dont take anyones crap and i know a serious buyer from window shoppers.
To my point, ive had shady people , crack heads , people that are sizing me up for robbery , home invasion , or burglary. People trying to dump a fake 100 or 50 on me. You name it , ive seen alot. So awhile back i started making a game out of profiling people using everything that offer up probides us, except i dont look wt the profile pix. That can actually get u confused and because we do stereo type people we all do , even though i consciously try not to. I look at their page , their grammer , what items are they selling , do-these items look like tbeirs or something they stole ( many essy ways to spot this ). Are they polite , martial status , sex , age , ethnicity, etc. i am not judging their ethnicity in the way most ignorant people do. As a matter of fact if i could only sell to people from out of state or country i would . A good portion of Southern california people are ( no matter age ethnicity etc)) usualy more inconsiderate , flakey , and disrespectful. My favorite customers are non californians . Take offense if u want ,but i didnt say all , i said a good portion . So anyways i will profile someone as a game , sex first , martial status and so on. When im running this thru my head is when my spidey sense sometimes goes off . Becasue Something doesnt ad up.
I dont meet with people ive not sold to before after dark. However i have a few items that i make exceptions on. Not becasue of what its worth but what it is . I have some items that i sell that when people need to buy one from me , they need it now and its usually for work or school. Plus i can tell alot about someone in so many ways , so many ways . Things id never thought of in a million years but i learned Thru my experiences of selling on offer up.
I really could go in to so much more detail about so many things but im not sure anyones even going to find this interesting so ill stop here for now . I Hope someone can use this info , becasue thats what im all about . Be unselfish and help others when u can with out exoecting anything in return .
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I like your post!
I consider myself to be VERY good at reading people’s demeanor & body language. Also, I agree about how easy it is to spot stolen goods, ( I’m a contractor and look for tools often, And there are ALOT OF STOLEN TOOLS LISTED, it’s crazy!
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In agreement with checking over certain aspects of a profile, and messaging you can get somewhat of a feel for the user. Sounds like you have a very efficient system, working out of your garage. Good for you...
Safe as well.
Seems tools do VERY well on OU, and you are definitely proof!
Lots of great useful tips too!
Continued success to you! Ciao´
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Thank you. .i Was thinking about this post today . I couldnt remeber what i went off about. Hope it does help , someone . Thanks for the kind words .
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😊 Ciao´ for now...