Im new to this but can anyone help me

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@James98  Welcome to the community. There's a few ways to get questions answered in here. One is to browse thru the posts and look for a post that answers your question. I know that sounds impossible but believe me if you can think it up it's probably being talked about somewhere in here. Second way is to do what you did here just ask your question in a post and one of the veterans or Community Helpers will come along a give you a hand the Community Helpers cruise through all the time looking for stranded members. The third is find the user name of a helper and address them in a post. That will automatically send them a message. That's done the same way I used your user name on this post. This is also how we communicate here in the forum but don't forget to put the @ symbol in front. The Community Helpers are easy to spot their names are in yellow! Now if there's anything I can do just ask. If I can't answer your question I will find someone who can! Good luck and good buying and selling!

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Hello @James98 what do you need help with? Your post is a little vague.
I am also new and getting lost navigating. What did he say? I'm not sure where to find all posts. Also, can you inbox me to help w another situation I created setting up my profile? Ty


The link below is very well written/organized and goes into detail of how to navigate the forum. In addition, there is a huge seach bar on the forum's homepage.

Thanks for your reply. Immediately after hitting send I realized that I was using my phone and needed to change the setting to desktop  or get on the computer. Nonetheless, I still think I may have inadvertently made 2 partial profiles . I messaged another newcomer to offer comraderie,  etc. It isnt showing. And I already uploaded photos for a post which arent showing. Shall I pretend it never happened and go on?


If you are seeking info on how to use the APP (where you sell and buy) refer to this link:


My initial reply was regarding the FORUM.