Images in offerup community

Level 2
I can't seem to add photos to my profile in offerup community. It lets me click on options and says turn off batch processing, check, and uncheck but there is no choice to actually upload images. What's up with that?
Level 9
Could it be linked to your OfferUp account? Maybe if you change it there it will change here.

Or try via PC
Level 2
So this isn't a fully functional app or not fully functional when accessed with iOS or an iPhone? That sucks.
Level 9
Wait, are you talking about profile pictures?

Where are you that it gives you the option for batch processing?
OfferUp employee

Can you explain a little more about what's going on? Is this for the online community, or the OfferUp app itself?

Level 2
Do you have an email address I can send you a screenshot of what I am referring to?
Level 9


Just post the image on tinypic or any other image hosting site and embed the link within a private message to @Elin.