Individual item vs Package deals?

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I like to group items and sell packages of similar items. What is your experience selling and preferencd when buying?

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@raginstormcloud--It's exciting that you have found great ideas and insight into reading the different posts throughout the forum!! Also I would like to welcome you to the OfferUp Community Forum!! This is an amazing opportunity to interact with other buyers and sellers, along with community members!! Welcome!!
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I like it when people look at my profile and group things together. I typically want them to make a deal with me however or I offer them a lower price to help them out. It makes it easier for me and them.
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I LOVE bundles and deals!! I typically post each of my items individually, and then also post it as a bundle and include some savings for the bundle. I mostly sell makeup, so putting several items together as a package deal works out great! A lot of clothing sellers do this as well Smiley Happy

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I just had the same chat with a friend who moved to California a few months ago and he always calls me to pick my brain on how things are working out for me or tips on how to sell faster. OfferUp is new to me with online personal item selling but, online selling isn't. I got really good with bundling items and you would be surprised how much more you can sell with just putting stuff together.
1. It helps some product earn a few more dollars because it became more attractive to the consumer.
2. More is always better and keeps it interesting.
"Hey now I don't have to worry about going to get that" or "I didn't think that can look good together" etc.
3. You're giving yourself more views and loyal shoppers. 💪😎
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Another good tip! If someone is really on the fence about an item and I just want it gone, similar to what @Josediaz1974 said, I'll just tell them "hey, what if I throw in XXXX item to sweeten the deal - how does that sound?" - EVERYBODY loves getting a good deal, and this tactic almost always works out! 

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@Mj_206 I even had customers admit to buying a bundle because now they split cost with a friend who was looking for something in the bundle too. Win, win for everyone!! BUNDLE, BUNDLE, BUNDLE, BUNDLE. Lol.
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@Josediaz1974 super selling strategy!
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@AngelB2--It's great as sellers when we have the opportunity to group items together. I also encourage people to view my profile to see if they find other items of interest. Then I offer a deal for all the items. Awesome idea!!
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Good to know. Since I’m a newbie. 🙂
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@Sunflowerlove wrote:
Good to know. Since I’m a newbie. 🙂

Welcome to the community, @Sunflowerlove! You came to the right place to learn tons about OfferUp! Smiley Happy