Is there a way to attach a photo or link?

Level 9
Just now I was discussing selling an item to someone and they had a question as to where to buy and how much for the side rails for a bed I'm selling. I mentioned Wal Mart and tried to share the link or copy the photo to attach to message but it didn't work. I've also tried to attach additional photos but I'd have to get their phone number to send more pics to send to them personally. Sometimes I'd rather not send to their phone since Id rather use the app for everything to be more private.


The system will flag any/all posts with outside links. However you can do insert something like "Walmart dot com" or upload more photos (12 in total) by using any internet browser (goto from the app),edit your ad, and upload more photos.

Level 9
Thank you, I'll try it. For now I told him where to go and the price. Of course some of these buyers never respond even after you go through hoops to help them.