Item Not As Described

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Item Not As Described was the notice I was sent. NOT likely. What you had was someone who figured out how to get an item for free. If you dont like it send it back. I'll even pay the shipping. But no, OfferUp instead insults my integrity saying they'll let it slide. I dont want to let it slide. Send it back. OfferUp is really letting me down. Not only did they do NOTHING when someone bought an item using counterfeit money. Now they insult me. OfferUp is NOT Ebay and never will be. OfferUp provides no protection. Send my item back and maybe I'll let it slide.
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@Stephieme--I'm sorry that you had a negative experience. Did you reach out to customer care?

OfferUp Customer care

--I would see how they can further assist you. Thank you!!