Items not selling

When you use the shipping feature your items are offered on nationwide search and not just local.
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Im not using the shipping sorry
Understand, its not for everyone. Maybe things will pick up closer to the holiday.
@Crazychris Do you have items you can combine? Sometimes people think they're getting a better deal when items are combined.
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Each item just a random thing ive picked up but the item is good quality and collectible. Sometimes i find stuff that has more than one pieces to it..i try to include all the pieces, give great detail and take good pics
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My local sales stopped entirely, if not for shipping I'd have no sales on offer up for a month. I stopped even finishing furniture projects I have going, its easier to sell and ship a darn pillow on here. Maybe consider offering shipping?
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So many things could go wrong with shipping..item can get broke while being shipped, then it gets to the new owner and their not happy that its broke or happy with it at all..then they refuse to pay for shipping or your get the item back broke without being refunded. No thanks..not for me.. I rather sell face to face and let the customer come and get it that way they know what their getting and i get my money
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I don't understand. I posted a car for really cheap yesterday. Nothing all day. Then late last night I received a lot of hits.(all with questions ) and I was answering them till past 11 o'clock. All looky loo'sss
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@buddynme--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I often notice the same thing, you can give many details regarding the items your selling, & receive a great deal of questions because some buyers may be interested, afraid to ask if you'll negotiate on the sale, & continue to communicate sometimes as a way to determine that the item remains available. Thank you so much for your response. I know it seems discouraging but the right buyer will come along but it may take a little while. I hope it all works out!!
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Once more congrats..but im not shipping my stuff, end of the story. I dont own a store and offer up is suppose to help but isnt really helping at matter how many tips or advice which i have done. Its still failing..only made 2 sales and thats it for 2 months now. Ive noticed they send you notifications now that say lower your prices and offer up will sell your stuff...i guess so cause your basically giving it away..and everyone aspects low prices now. I dont agree with that, cause my stuff is worth my asking price and i try to price my stuff where anyone can afford.Offer up is mostly just views or lowballers trying to give yard sales prices on decent stuff or on even new stuff. Not just me but other of my friends experienced same thing