Items not selling

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Why is offer up failing??...why things not selling??...why only just mostly views??..why is the percentage of the items buyers are up then drops down??.

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Understand, its not for everyone. Maybe things will pick up closer to the holiday.

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I'm not sure. I just joined and am unsure how this works to sell.
@Crazychris sales drop this time of year when school starts back. Sales are low everywhere right now. Should start picking up late Oct
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Hi ...I don't think that OfferUp is failing because I am selling item's.  Once you post your item's that's not the end of it.  If you don't refresh your listing's you will go dormant .  You need too repost fairly often so that something from your item's is always on the home page or shoppers won't find it.  You can pay for a bump up if you're selling a high ticket item...but if not then you have to stay on top of things yourself.  Keep an eye on you site here and make sure people are seeing your item's by working your page.  If you just put everything up one time and never look back ,never adjust prices , or never have any new things to're not gonna make money.  Just like any business or yard sale , you have to work at it .  I hope this will help you.  😊

@Marysidney I agree. My sales have also picked up. It was a bit slow when the kids started back to school but have now started picking up
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Ive done all of that..even bumped it and everything..only sold two items..i know how the system works, ive got experience in sales. Offer is failing me, nothing but mostly views or lowball offers. I have different things all most daily priced to sell where anyone can afford..but im not giving my stuff away every time somebody messages me for low offer just not going to the moment im at 23 ratings with 5 stars through out 40 sales and 7 buys..and i was selling then but now all that has stopped and all i get is views, low offers
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No the advice didnt help none, what i already knew but thanks anyways
@Crazychris are you using the shipping feature?
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No, rather sell in person. I dont ship cause i know how it works and its just alot of hassel so i avoid it. Face to face sales only with locals
Oh I see, I wouldn't have any sales if I did local. People in my area are not really looking on Offerup for items because we have so many stores to get things. 98% of my sales are shipped.