Items not selling

Level 4
I agree totally
Level 4
It is the new year and sales still dropping hundreds of lookiloos many flakes and lowballers I have lowered my prices added more and still no sale
Not sure what happened but before the holidays items were selling great but have dropped to nothing on this platform. I'm not sure what happened but I wish it would pick back up. I'm paying a fortune in Etsy fees so it's not that buyers are not buying.
Level 9
I had birds chirping over the holidays on all platforms, Dec 26th took off like a rocket. Lately about one sale a week here and umpteen million questions and flakes. My shipping feature literally just disappeared AGAIN during a listing. I pretty much do all my business from shipping so big Uh-oh!
It was strange how it just died here! I don't like having to raise prices to cover higher fees on other sites and that was my main reason for selling here was the fees were lower, the shipping was lower but not the case anymore. I was hoping this wouldn't happen but unfortunately it has.
Level 9
Maybe its just a season. As with all selling, lows and highs. Stick with it. I just really dont particularly like the overall clientele on offerup. I have quite a few great repeats, but I deal with so much nonsense in between daily.
Level 1
How do you refresh the ads so they're back at the top, so to speak?