Join TruYou to continue?! NEED HELP!



OU does not list specifics, but take into consideration of items that are high demand and/or items that are readily reported stolen (Apple products...iPhones, MacBooks,etc).


If you broswe the forums, more than a couple of users that have been mandated with the TruYou protocal by OU were offering "like new" iPhones and >$1000 "new" laptops.

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im a tru you member and 80% filled out and its asking me to become one when i already am one, i cant respond to msgs how do i fix this?

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I’m having same issue
Hello why can't I add my pictures on here
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@johnsondarlene6--This is a platform for communication only, not a place to add pictures. To add pictures you will go to the OfferUp app, login & go to your camera image. Click on the camera & add pictures directly, or click on the select button, & choose from the pictures in your photo gallery. I hope this helps you!!
Thank yu
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@johnsondarlene6--You're very welcome!! 😀😁
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I have this exact same problem I tried posting Pokémon cards for sale today and it required me to join truyou in order to choose the category?!!!? How do I solve this
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Hey, I'm being forced to join truyou.

I just signed up and I can't even make an offer.

How do I get past this ?
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It will not allow me to complete posting my item for sell, gives me a message stating "i must join tru you to sell an item in this category"...what category can i sell in that dosnt require me to join truyou?