Join TruYou to continue?! NEED HELP!


@Bdmitchell wrote:
It will not allow me to complete posting my item for sell, gives me a message stating "i must join tru you to sell an item in this category"...what category can i sell in that dosnt require me to join truyou?


 To clarify, your account will be frozen/useless until you join TruYou. 

I just used this site for the first time today and the last. I messaged 4 people asking about laptops. Tried to message another and now it wants me to use truyou. I was polite when massaging people and I've never bought or sold anything. I think this "glitch" is a scam to force you to give them your personal information. I'm NEVER uploading my driver's license to some 3rd party company used by a fancier version of craigslist.