L9qn04pe is the code

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Hi I’m trying to send a message and it won’t let me and this is the code it’s telling me. Anyone know what it is?

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Our secret society code has actually changed for this week.

In all seriousness though, there are a couple possible reasons for this error.

A specific user may have blocked you.

Try and see if this is the case, message someone else.

Although, Googling the error code brings us to the 'server error' link of OfferUp

If this issue happens with multiple people you can try the following.

¹ Clear your cache / data for the app.

² Troubleshoot with both your WiFi and Cell data.
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Welcome to the community, @Jamboony Smiley Happy

It looks like @goblin gave some good input. Are you still seeing these error messages?

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Also to add on to what he listed, make sure the item you are looking at or have posted isn’t against the guidelines. If it is prohibited, it gets removed and gives that code. OfferUp doesn’t really tell you anything, but if you check your selling items, it should disappear from the list.
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How do you know what is is out of the guidelines