Large Heavy Item

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I have a 73 bottle Freestanding cooler at Crystal City of Missouri and I’ll want to know how to ship this item if someone shows up to be interested
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Is this local or interstate? If local call a moving company or hire 2 men and a truck etc.

If not local, FREIGHT is the way to go. You'll need to know the weight and dimensions of it. There's a number of freight transport companies besides UPS and FED-EX and some airlines accept freight at the airport.

Typically your item will need to be palletized and secured via straps, such as ratcheting straps but carriers also have their own strapping methods.

Call around to see which companies will pick up at your location and / or be able to move your item out of the building and in to their truck or you'll need to get someone to move it to the street for you.

Good luck!
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I dont think you can ship anything over 50 pounds on this app. I could be wrong though. You would probably have better luck selling it locally.