Leaving Texas..

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Hi. What do you have left for sale? I need a mattress and a set of 4 glasses, dog items, building matirals such as paint, stain, screws, wood, tile, a deep single basin sink, grout, & valances, electric blanket, a cubic wood stove, a tea kettle, collapsable kitchen items, pizza cutter, an iron pan, and a small propane grill, propane tanks, an awning or open tent or tarp, hiking shoes, and some size XL/size 14/12 comfortable women's clothing. I am converting a short bus into a very tiny house to move into & basically starting over and living on a modest disability income.
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@mcmsd77--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! Have a great time interacting with other buyers and sellers along with community members!! Thank you so much for sharing your story & I hope you have a wonderful moving experience!!