Legitimate Replicas

Level 1
I had a listing removed that was clearly titled “High Qualtity Replica” and I referred to it as such in the description. The $55 price also highlighted the fact that it was not a rare and genuine antique German regimental cavalry beer stein, which sell for $450-$1000+ each. This is frustrating due to the many obviously fake bags I see listed daily, and because I discovered there is no appeal process nor anyone to contact in this situation. I’m a little surprised because Marketplace has given me no grief about the listing whatsoever, and they once reviewed one of my items four separate times, and they only cleared it when I proved it was legitimate Ralph Lauren and genuine leather with a photo of my purchase receipt. (Thank goodness Macy’s offers the option to have recipes emailed or it would’ve been lost long ago.) Point being, they’re rather picky. OfferUp, on the other hand, seems to have lax standards, which has been a disadvantage to me as a buyer. It’s disappointing, if not surprising, to discover how arbitrarily rules and standards for sellers are enforced on OfferUp.
Level 3
Hi Classic-Girl,
Thanks for bring attention to the issue that there are fake handbags being sold. If you see listings that are selling fakes, please take a moment to report them and/or the user.
In regards to your selling situation, from my interpretation of the rules, Fakes (replicas) are not allowed. While I understand that you are being responsible, that is probably the reason your listing gets removed and/or a competitive seller reporting your fake item. I wish there was more advice I could offer, but I don’t have any. Despite that, I hope you continue to use OfferUp and enjoy selling stuff that is allowed here Smiley Happy