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@RevivalGypsy my bank is also within walking distance so it's double dangerous lol. This is such a cute idea! I'll definitely document my journey! 

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@Mj_206--As I read the post from RevivalGypsy, all I could think was "I hope Mj_206 doesn't have a bank close by"--too funny!! 😀😁😂
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Congrats Mj ‼
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Good one... @RevivalGypsy
---For sure !
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@KSARASARA--I'm still laughing about @RevivalGypsy being "admired" in the store by a super fan!! That made my day!! 😀😁😘
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Maybe I should be flattered, she probably pegged me as unwell. 😁 "she's like there's my people!"

I once had a lady pull everything out of my cart (just to be nosey) she did this every single time i stopped to look at something. I'm overly nice, but I was about to lose it. I actually grabbed some sort of old tool and put it in the baby seat of the cart. Every time she would reach in, I'd kind of grab this tool. She had gotten under my skin and I was feeling kind of stabby.😂 it was so out of character. Weirdos in every thrift store.
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@RevivalGypsy--You have me laughing so hard!! 😂😂😂; You have a lot of fans!! You had a tool & everything 😉. Wow!! And the lady was still persistent!! I can't stop laughing!! Thanks for sharing your story!! 🤗😂😁
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What the best vintage thrift shop in the bay area?
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~ Tampa Bay... ? @Foolsgold
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