Let's talk thrifting, vintage shops, & charities!

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I started doing it with my daughter and my son bc I wanted to teach them about how to save money and earn money from what they bought and then sold. We love it and we have decorated our home with a ton that we have found. I think of it as a treasure hunt where my children will also share my fun in the hunt for that next great dealSmiley Happy

I got tons of vintage everything.. must go

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I'm new 2 this but I thought we went supposed to give out our personal phone number.
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@T-Lilli--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! You're correct. We are not able to give out any personal information within the OfferUp Community Forums. Thank you!!
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It is one of the guidelines for sure... however, it is a personal choice to give out your personal information.
As for myself, prefer to stay within the OU messaging system. Also, there is record of any accountability, if needed. GLTU!
Now back to topic...
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@Retro78, @RevivalGypsy
I love this topic. I am now in a position where I'm basically selling off my personal Estate, piece by puece/bundle by bundle.
I started collecting when I was very young. My mother had an Antique Shop in Tomball, Texas in earl to late 70's.
All my homes were decorated with hand-me-down furniture, knick knacks & many other household items.
I often would go to Auctions with my Mom & got bit by the collecting bug from Thrift Shops, Auctions & good old fashioned junk yards my mother knew of.
Charities have been a good place to pick up items as well. I like Silent Auctions!
Now, I'm at a place in later years where I am selling whatever I can. Most of it is Vintage but some is not.
Think I'm just about ready to start shipping. Been learning pro's & cons about many things here. Bottom line is I think if I open up to shipping items my sales will improve.
Thanks for everyone's input. Check me out on my profile page & offers.
My O.U. link is:
Many years ago I had an antique, collectables, firearm business that I ran from my home office, that way I could raise my kids instead of paying someone else to. I loved my work and had fun with plenty of time for family. Many years later I still enjoy the hunt and finding individual requested items but my health leaves me physically unable to do most of what I once did (I have epilepsy & suffer from ptsd, between that & meds meant to stabilize my seizures, I'm always exhausted/fatigued). I still have some inventory left & I occasionally pick up incomplete or broken toys, then my significant other & I refurbish or repurpose those toys throughout the year. Once Christmas rolls around we find a few families struggling that year and get a small tree, sometimes jackets, blankets, food then along with the toys donate all the goodies. It keeps my mind occupied & is a joy to hear & see the excitement from families that would otherwise not have had anything for the kids come Christmas morning.
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What a beautiful concept and heart! This is what I love about O.U. Community...
You get to meet genuinely good peeps that are doing things to help others. I understand about the fatigue & exhaustion. I too have significant PTSD & major health stuff that keeps me at home mostly.
Thrifting & vintage/collectables run deep in my family history.
I'm sure your refurbishing and giving to those in need is quite a joy! God bless you both. Thank you for sharing. I'm now trying to work from home since I'm unable to work-work at this time. It's a wonderful experience to help others in need! @L11