Let's talk thrifting, vintage shops, & charities!

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I started doing it with my daughter and my son bc I wanted to teach them about how to save money and earn money from what they bought and then sold. We love it and we have decorated our home with a ton that we have found. I think of it as a treasure hunt where my children will also share my fun in the hunt for that next great dealSmiley Happy

I got tons of vintage everything.. must go

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I'm new 2 this but I thought we went supposed to give out our personal phone number.
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@T-Lilli--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! You're correct. We are not able to give out any personal information within the OfferUp Community Forums. Thank you!!
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It is one of the guidelines for sure... however, it is a personal choice to give out your personal information.
As for myself, prefer to stay within the OU messaging system. Also, there is record of any accountability, if needed. GLTU!
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