Local connections turned to friends

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A few weeks ago when browsing through Instagram, I noticed some community members taking selfies with their satisfied buyers/sellers. I thought this was such a great idea that I started doing this at all my OfferUp meetups.


Once the item has been fully inspected, and we have agreed to complete the transaction, I just have the buyers/sellers pose with me really quick with the item. I've met some really great people through OfferUp transactions, and this is such a fun way to potentially turn that local connection into a friend Smiley Very Happy


@Mj_206 Oh I love that!! Maybe we should have a hashtag to go with it?

 #OfferUpMeetNGreets? That's kinda long. I'm totally in love with this idea though Smiley Happy

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Hey what's up??? I love the idea of meeting new friends off of here. Please respond and just maybe we could get to be friends at the least...😁

Welcome @Wontons! You'll definitely make friends, lots of creative, fun, and smart people here! 

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Welcome to the OfferUp community! Like the Boss said, lots of good people on here with great adviceSmiley Happy
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@Mj_206 That is such a good idea because whenever I go and stay at an AirBnB 9 times out out of 10 I have become friends with the hosts! And it's a cool thing! Well thanks for sharing!
That's a cool idea , I would imagine most sellers could care less once they are done with the sale .. One guy wanted my Casio g shock divers watch so bad he drove from centrailia and I'm in Tacoma .. I should've taken pic with them , nice people ..

@Chriskrisrocks Aww, that's so cool Smiley Happy

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That’s an awesome idea and I will start doing that!! Thanks!
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I'm so happy to see others doing this! 


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