Local connections turned to friends

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Thanks cyclomatic l just Love the way everyone in this community can express his opinion.
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@Blow, Glad you make it here to OC Forum felt free explored around and ask question, share your ideas, leaves comments post new thread. Be sure to tag someone like I did at top so they can respond to you quicker Welcome my friends.
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Awesome idea! Yeah I would love to meet friends I just moved to the area and joined OfferUp.. trying to sell some things and would like to hook up with some people and meet new friends and start a new a new life.. I got divorced and now I'm in Bucks County but I try to make the best of the situation thanks for your post
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The Offer Up Community Forum is a great way for people to interact with one another, share likes & tips, as well as compare buying & selling stories; successes!!
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I have met amazing people buyers, from far and near. I believe that is really a good idea. It will really turn the community into a family.
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Exactly... ‼
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Would be nice to have friends especially ones you can trust on here