Local connections turned to friends

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Sounds cool! And a great idea! Maybe can organize a local meet up as well In the future sometime if anyone is interested! That would be interesting to meet new ppl as well
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Do you think there is a way to take this a step further? Perhaps members getting together, grabbing boxes of stuff they'd like to sell, meeting at a location and posting the address so people can mosey on by?
Well it’s nice to meet you
Hello nice to meet you
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Maybe we could figure out what we have in common? Rummaging through all my old stuff has reminded me of a lot Smiley Tongue
I loved Calvin and hobbies, still have about 10 of the collections. Then I moved on to Forgotten Realms {similar to DnD but I never got a chance to play Smiley Sad }.

I'm definitely willing to sell or trade the majority of those in bulk.

Video games I loved Zelda and JRPGs, but I've been selling those. Now I'm interested in tech stuff and have so many cables I nearly trip every time I stand up.

Currently my goal is to get the house I live in clean and grab some neat stuff to make it a place that's fun to hang out at, so I'm looking at used TV's, consoles, furniture, etc.

So, if everyone interested did a brief version of that we could get an initial impression of each other as well as knowing what items each had to sell and what they're looking for Smiley Happy
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Yeah Hi, anyone on here from the RGV, Texas?
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Great idea there’s been couple of people I’ve sold some stuff to and they ended up being really cool !!! Good suggestion!!!
Wow!!! Great idea !!! That would be something to look forward to !!
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I think that’s a great idea more people get me to get to know each other in the community
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