Local connections turned to friends

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@Rubene,  Welcome to OfferUp. Take a look around the different forums and ask questions, join conversations, hand out a kudo or two, and earn badges. I hope this helps in getting you started.


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Great idea....but how do you begin to ask that you'd like to take their picture and do any of them ever reject? I've met and done exchanges with a lot of different people. Some were in a rush that I hardly got a word in.
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Would be awesome to meet new people as that is always a good thing.....montrose\olathe Colorado
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Hello @Survivor1817

Welcome to the forum!

What type of items are you selling?

Thank you Erin Smiley Happy ..
I just now noticed this forum and seen the comment..
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It's National High Five Day today!! Make sure to give other community members a high-five during your transactions today Smiley LOL 

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I have always wanted to have a bff so we could share clothes, and do girl stuff. Smh, still waiting....
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That's an awsome Idea
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I enjoy being on here in this community....what a fun way to meet up know more....