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Nothing to be concerned about @AmiableVince. Minor misunderstanding...happens on occasion. All is well.

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Thanks @cyclomatic, I'm glad that everything was cleared up.
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@cyclomatic  I tried to stay silent but, I have to say something! 


I can’t let that bad, negative behavior be swept under the rug as a guise of  a misunderstanding.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

That was no misunderstanding! That behavior was vicious, mean and was an attempt to intimidate 0317.

That was bullying and that is not acceptable.

If that behavior is covered up as a misunderstanding then it will happen time and time again.

Personal attacks will quickly ruin a perfectly safe online community.


Moving Forward:

I feel that our community managers should have stepped in and refocused the conversation. With that said, I know you can't be everywhere all the time.


It was over by the time I arrived on the scene or you know I would have thrown my hat in the ring.


I am grateful that @Hotrod  stepped in when he did. He handled the situation like the pro that he is. But, even after that @Privetfla  threw out a bit more shade. Unbelievable.


@0317  offered an apology and moved on! Thank You!


@StevenY@Privetfla needs to recognize their part in this mess and apologize to 0317 and everyone else who witnessed that bullying behavior.


Honest awareness helps us to move forward in a productive way.


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I don't agree with disrupting this thread further. Apologies, to OP and we can PM @Shupat.

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@cyclomatic,,,,,,you dont seem to be aware of it,,,,,,but this thread is disrupting the forum,,,,what you and @KSARASARA and @Privetfla have been doing has been disrupting the forum,,,,,,,,,one thing i forgot to mention earlier is that @KSARASARA use of tags is also disrupting ,and some of them are quite offensive ,,and  some folks here think the tags are put there by the authors,,,,,,,,,,i dont think these things can be swept under the rug like @Shupat thinks was happening,,,,,,,if they continue ,,even if i am not here,,,,,others are gonna speak up,,,,,,,,,and cyclomatic you are a bully,,,,,if our admins here care to pay closer attenion,,,,,,,,,you have not been nice at all to some people that you think are posting something in the wrong place,,,,,,,,this is not your forum,,,no matter how many kudos you have ,,,,,this is a public forum for everyone that uses offerup,,,,,,,and yours and ksarasara name calling needs to stop,,,,,,,,you calling people trolls,,,,,,,when you yourself fits the definition of a troll that you yourself gave in another post,,,,,,ksarasara calling people names in her tags,,,,,,,,,and anyone that cares to really pay attention is not gonna buy her innocent act,,,,,,,, i want to thank  @Hotrod and @Shupat for stepping up and saying something,,,,,,,,,but the issue isnt how you treat me,,,,,,,i can handle everything thrown at me,,,,,,the issue is how you are treating this forum,,,,,,,at least i know if you all are giving me a bad time,,,,,,,at least your leaving someone else alone during that time,,,,and @Mj_206 and @Elin ,i know the two of you think the forum is not the place to deal with this,,,,,but thats wrong,,,remember,,,,,,,"complete transparency" ,,

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Thank you @Shupat for speaking out,
I also noticed you Kudos @0317 in that thread good for you!, I did notify @Elin so she was aware of the conversations in that thread.
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thankyou @Hotrod

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you’re welcome @0317
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Admin was long ago notified @Hotrod. Even before you stepped in. I won't go on to re-hash or address any accusations made against me. I'm fine allowing @Elin & @Mj_206 to handle matters. There's really no need to continue this.

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@cyclomatic Yes I notified them way before I stepped in as well, @Elin is handling it as far as I know, I’ve had multiple conversations with her.