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Why are all the posts out of state? Everything is no where near me. I've tried several times to change the mileage and location with no change. I'm about to delete OfferUp all together. This is extremely frustrating.
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@earthbound--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I hope you have a great time as you interact with others, explore the different forums, & share your thoughts!!

Issues with your account, I would reach out to customer care for assistance:

OfferUp Customer care

--I hope this helps!!
1st time using this feature but have anyone answered your question about out of state post
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@Payitforwardx2 if you're seeing items from other states, my assumption is that you may be viewing items that are shipping eligible. If you aren't searching for shipping eligible items, double check that your location is set correctly by updating your location from the desktop website (instead of the app)