Low-balling vs. Discount

When someone tries to get a whole lot of something for a whole lot of nothing, plus discounts, plus extras, plus delivery. I KNOW the value of the items I sell, and KNOW that there are others out there with a lot of the same items as mine, and they're marked up 500%! I buy inexpensive because I like "stuff" and buying kinda acts as some sort of therapy for me. So, just like anyone else, I have a hard time passing up a good deal on BRAND NEW items/gadgets and end up with a collection of EVERYTHING I DON'T REALLY NEED! lol. The point I'm trying to make is this: If I get a good deal, I'll sell it at a good deal. If I mark it up, it'll STILL end up being less than what it's worth AND less than what someone else would sell or buy it for. I pride myself on that! Word of mouth is the BEST advertisement, so if you come at me with a reasonable offer ($5-$10 less than asking), I'll be good to you, too! Besides, good business ethics is what earns business! Right is right and wrong is wrong. Simple. Some of you may call it low-balling. I call it trifling! Stop trying so hard to get over on each other and the BLESSINGS WILL COME! Client retention is what allows me to maintain my "retail therapy." For example, it's so sad when I've marked a $50 item (I rarely have any $50 items) all the way down to $10, and STILL get offered $2-$5 for it...c'mon, now! It really isn't about the money for me, however, no one wants to be "upside down" or taken advantage of. I rarely have those issues, but THAT'S SERIOUSLY a subject that really bothers me. If you need to hustle me behind a $5-$10 item, I recommend you NOT embarrass yourself and be reasonably realistic. Maybe you SHOULDN'T BE SHOPPING AT ALL, but on the same token, if it's THAT serious to you, in an effort to avoid the BS, COME AND GET IT! GEEZE! Not to be cliché, but if you scratch my back...you all know the rest. Do onto others...and so on. If you treat me fair, I'll do the same...prolly hand make a Thank You card and/or throw in a pair of earrings to match! Just sayin'.
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I totally agree. I believe the more you give, the more you receive in life.
And the people that are low balling you sell their items for a trillion dollars.