My offers / selling items disappearing.

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My items started disappaearing all together. I had about 20-30 items up but know only showing 8.

If I manually search for an item (Mine) and click on the manage, make an edit and save.. Then it shows back up in my offers.

Is anybody experiencing this and know how to fix it? I've logged out, deleted app, redownloaded, logged in, refreshed, cycled through app pages on iphone app and computer, and downlaeded latest updates.

Thank you

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Go to your Public Profile, then My Offers.

Read the number of posts listed in parenthesis.

Now count the number of posts you have up, manually.

If there are less ads the number listed, then you are most likely being ghosted due to a rule break.

Reach out to support to find out why that is, it may be something you are not aware of.
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It seems to be a common theme with numbers not adding up. I'm having about the same issue and asked about it on here to gauge how many others were having an issue. I sold a lot of stuff recently and marked them as sold. My number on my public profile doesnt subtract what I actually sold. I even reached out to customer service and haven't heard anything.
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Hmmm.... Thanks for reporting on this! I also heard from @BrightMoonstone that she is also having the same issue. I've reported this to our bugs team and we will look into this! 


Check back here later for any updates!

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I'm having the same issue. If we're being ghosted for a rule infraction, I have no idea what rule I broke.
I also have gone back to the missing items and edited them in some small way (re-ordering the title, for example) to get them back in my list of offers. (Thankfully, I'm not a prolific seller I would be in a world of hurt if I had to do that for everything.)
The number of OU sales is also weird for me. My profile shows 10 sales but 21 ratings. If there's a go- around to fix that, I haven't found it.
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@46dragostinap tagging you into this thread so you can review other members posts. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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My offers aren't showing up either. Only 10 offers are listed in my profile and some I recently promoted. Has anyone heard anything about this? I dont know what to do...
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@Zoan Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Zoan @Mj_206 Community manager post above on this page she stated;
I've reported this to our bugs team and we will look into this!

Check back here later for any updates!
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3 days ago I had over 200 items posted and now I have 51... my items sold and bought went down from 100+ to 45
Level 9
Since my previous post about my numbers being strange, they've gotten even stranger.
My number of listed offers dropped (again) and my profile now says I've made 1 sale. (I thought showing only 10 sales was bad, but showing only 1 is much, much worse.)
Whatever tech is doing to fix this isn't working yet.