NEWBIE!! Looking 4 My Fellow Arizonans!!

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Welcome to the forum! Take a look around the different forums and ask questions, join conversations, hand out a kudo or two, and earn badges. 

I am from Texas, but I am sure some Arizonans will find their way here to say hello.

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Welcome to the community, @THEOGBLONDEPOCA!

I'm originally from AZ! Lived in Mesa most of my life, worked over in Scottsdale, went to ASU for a while. Man, I miss Arizona! 

There are a ton of AZ people on these forums - are you more of a buyer or seller? Smiley Happy

Thanks Shupat! I appreciate the support so quickly!
I’ll be mostly selling...Brand new Beauty & Skincare Prestige Brands - all with Proof of Authenticity/Purchase...
Thank you for the quick reply! I’m looking forward to getting up & running soon!
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You are speaking my language! 😎 💄

Skincare and makeup have been my biggest addictions lately Smiley Happy

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---Just read your post... Love Scottsdale, AZ!
Visited when trained with INFINITI (got to race on the actual track... sooo Fast! 🏁

Also, just returned from UA Orientation... we will have one, temporary Arizonian, there in the Fall 😊 "Bear Down" 🎓
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I see this was almost a year ago, but Hey!! I live in Florence! 

—- HELLO! MJ_206

Nice reply!!! I’ll be around more & be more involved...Thanks!!!

I look forward to chatting more!

- I HAVE THE BEST FOUND TIPS & ADVICE ON THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY. It will be my main focal of what I’ll be selling FIRST.

I am a proud Ambassador for a select group of business, both big & small.
I thrive in being a trusted reviewer & Influenster as well.

If you EVER have any questions or need advice on specific BEAUTY OR SKINCARE products or brands - or - any Questions regarding where to SHOP for the best price & value & rewards, I’m you’re GO TO!!

Please do so if needs, Ive helped young men to grown men transform their skin; I’ve consulted local
women of all ages through my integrated system- where I incorporate many proprietary tools to accurately pinpoint all concerns and leaving a concrete guide on the beauty industry.
place they should be buying products from.

I’m here to advise & gain more than most want...a community

Thanks again....

Chat soonSmiley Happy

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Aww, this is fantastic, @THEOGBLONDEPOCA!! So glad you're a part of this community Smiley Happy