Need help....New to shipping...order pending

I have never shipped an order but got my first one yesterday. So when accepting the order it was brought to my attention that the email on my account is a friend who for some reason put her email on my account back when I started with OfferUp. I want to put my email address on my account of course but cannot. I have two email accounts and neither one is accepted on OfferUp. It is stating that both email addresses are being used. That is not the case because I only have one OfferUp account. I can potentially lose this sale if I am not able to fix the email issue due to the fact that that is how I get the shipping label. Help me please? How do I get my correct email address on my account very soon so that I do not lose this sale?
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I would email customer support.
Thank you. I will do that now.
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You can print the label without your email.
Hit "view label" below where you accepted the offer.
It will download, then print. If you dont have a printer, email that download attachment to yourself that way you can print from another location
They have an incorrect email for me so I am not getting anything including the needed shipping label. I put my correct email address and it will not accept it saying it's already being used. I tried another email address that I have and it says that one is being used. I need to be able to change my email address to the correct one or I am probably going to have to just shut my account down and not use offer up. I hope that's not the case but I don't know what else to do. I messaged the help line and have received nothing back and now I am getting ready to lose yet another sale. Too frustrating. Thank you so much for your suggestion.
My apologies. I rented the beginning of your email wrong. thank you so much for the suggestion and I'm going to try that now. Thank you