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Hello I'm New to all this. I'm a 61 yr. Old who has just got SSI Approval and as we all know its not much. I have a PRIME DALTON ELECTRIC POWER CHAIR. It is New can any one help me sell it as I really need the cash for living expenses. Really struggling here. My price is 950 but NEGOTIABLE as I paid 1250, it's a year old great condition any help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU
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This is a nationwide forum, where we share ideas and infromation in regards to the app itself.


It is not the appropriate place to advertise/solicit/market your items for sale, as that that is sole purpose of the OfferUp app.


If you have yet to do so, post the power chair using the OfferUp app and exclude your number or other contact info within the ad, as that might get it removed for violating the Terms of Service agreement.

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I would also edit the number out.

Reason being is, there's a higher probability may get scammed or spammed by advertisers.
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@Raid3r3tt3s-Welcome to the Community Forum!! If you go into the Offer Up app, enter several pictures different angles of the item you're wanting to sell, in the description enter any details, add if the price is firm or negotiable, & then list the item. When you are sent messages, you can always communicate with buyers as far as specified amounts. I hope this helps!!
Good luck. Have had several power chairs I thought I could profit a few bucks on. Not the case. Medical ins usually provides those or government aid. Private party buyers most all have learned the hard way on the battery powered scooters, chairs etc. etc. that the batteries are short life garbage and not economical to replace every 90 days. Unless that chair has no lead lithium batteries, may as well set it on the curb. Im sorry, just giving you the straight up truth.