Neighborly connections in your city

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Hi Online Community members,


We can see all of you connecting in here, and we love it! After all, Local Connections is a place we built for all of you to use to share where you were from, and connect with people in your city on what you find yourself using OfferUp for most. 


So, let's share. What city does everyone live in? Has anyone ever connected with someone in their neighborhood on OfferUp and became friends, went out for coffee, or just chatted for awhile? We'd love to hear your stories and can't wait to read all of them. Smiley Happy


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Hello Elin!

Just signed up to OfferUp, and would love to network with other sellers/buyers! Would be fun to do a ‘swap meet/market’ locally on a weekend somewhere to draw more exposure to the app & culture. Smiley Happy

I am finding a slight block in that I do not have a Facebook page, but I do have Twitter & Instagram. It would be great to be able to validate thru other social media platforms as well. Smiley Happy

Thank you for being a fresh alternative to ‘FeeBay’!

Angel in Kansas City Smiley Happy
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Welcome to the forum @Hockeystyx !

A meet/market sounds exciting.


Donna in Gilmer, TX

Community Manager

Well, I'm Mj! I live here in Seattle and obviously work at OfferUp!

Originally from Mesa, AZ and have been in Sea for 5 years now.


I'd LOVE to meet more local users to hear their stories and feedback. That's actually a goal of mine! 

Hi neighbor!

Fort Lewis (S of Tacoma) here. 5 years (this time) and originally from OR. So the PNW is home to me🤗🌲

Would be cool to run into people that are bananas over OfferUp that don’t involve a transaction.
Fort Lewis WA.

Long-time OfferUp user, first day on the communities section. This is fantastic.

I’ve never connected with anyone on here outside of a transaction. But I totally would. I mean, why not? Having this in common would certainly make it easy to start up a convo. Not sure how setting that up would go. If the details would be discussed here or go to messages or what.

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Welcome!! I love OfferUp, these forums, and Washington so I think we all have something in common!


I'd love to meet up with people outside of transactions. I don't wanna give away alllll my great ideas right away, but I'm brainstorming some fun ideas for meeting up! Smiley Very Happy

Yes yes and yes to your first.

Maybe getting together with others to bounce ideas off each other about how to best connect the community? 🧐🤯

My brain hurts now. Maybe I should leave the thinking stuff to you.
Thank you my friend. I appreciate that. So, I’m gathering if I place an ‘@‘ in front of your name, it’s meant or directed at that person? Tag you? Oh wait, hyperlink to your profile?

Regardless, thanks for acknowledging me.
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You more or less had the same idea as me! I'm thinking coffee and a chat might be a GREAT way to build the community further!


And yup! If you add the @ you directly notify the other community member! @JasonOnOfferUp